Aves Ichnusae IV (I-II) 2001

                 VOLUME 4 (I-II) 2001

Articoli e Note/ Papers & Notes
- Checklist of the birds of Sardinia. Updated to December 2001. M. Grussu
- Muta e biometria dell’Occhiocotto Sylvia melanocephala nella Sardegna meridionale. L. Biddau &  G. Ruzzante
- Presenza invernale di Piviere tortolino Charadrius morinellus in Sicilia. A. Corso & C. Iapichino
Recenti avvistamenti/ Recent records around the Region
Periodo: aprile 2000 - maggio 2001 / April 2000 - May 2001. A cura di M.Grussu
Progetti e Ricerche/ Projects and Researches
Novità e commenti/ News and Comment
Recensioni/ Reviews
Foto di copertina/ Cover photograph: Picchio rosso maggiore Picoides m. harterti Arrigoni. Endemismo presente soltanto in Sardegna. Monti dei Sette Fratelli, Sardegna, 1999./ The Sardinian endemic Harterti’s Great Spotted Woodpecker is found in this Island only. Sette Fratelli Mts, 1999 (Roberto Meloni).

Airone rosso/ Purple Heron Ardea purpurea (Alberto Tidu)



Luca Biddau* & Gianpaolo Ruzzante*
Biometry and moult pattern of the Sardinian Warbler in South Sardinia, Italy.
We studied moult pattern and measurements of a population of Sardinian Warblers at Capo Spartivento/Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). A total of 315 birds were trapped and measured, 150 during the post-breeding season and 165 during the overwintering period. The birds overwintering are slihtly larger than the breeding ones. Sex differences significant for wing during the breeding season. We found a population showing a very short wing length and among the smaller known for the Mediterranean areas; 50% of adults have a partial pre-breding moult and 22% of Juvenes have a complete post-juvenile moult; 3 second year birds (n=106) have a first pre-breeding moult replacing some wing feathers.
(*)(GOS - C.P. 160/C - 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena/ Cagliari)

Andrea Corso* & Carmelo Iapichino
Winter records of Dotterel in Sicily (Italy).
On December 20th and 29th 1997 a 1st winter Dotterel has been observed at Capo Murro di Porco, Siracusa (Southeast Sicily). The area is characterized by wide open uncultured fields covered by low Mediterranean macchia and sparse rocks, being then a perfect habitat for the species. These are the first recent winter records of this species for Italy. Probably the bird observed was wintering in the area and thus would be the first wintering for Italy. Wintering in Europe is regularly reported only for Spain. This winter record is not so surprising considering that the species is regularly encountered in winter in the near Tunisia. Further, records of Dotterel are increasingly more common during migration in both autumn and spring in Southeast Sicily.
(*)(Via Camastra, 10 - 96100 Siracusa)

Pollo sultano/ Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio (Piero Basoccu)

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